Code Access

We currently have a private Github organizational account, where we collaborate on repositories which house our main modeling code. You must be an authenticated member of the team to access these private repositories, and have an acceptable level of competency in github version control, cloning, pull requests, etc. You can access this private github group here:

Data and File Access

Owncloud is an open source cloud based storage system, maintained by the University of Idaho. The HAC Lab uses owncloud to store data and other materials/documents. You will need an assigned login to access.

Research Notebooks

Notion is a collaboration tool which we use to share informal information, tasks, project plans, and research notebooks.


Our HAC Lab dashboards are currently Shiny based applications. These are development dashboards, which allow our team to dynamically run models, and review outputs. These dashboards are not shared outside of the research team. Once refined and confirmed to be ready for exposure, model results can be pushed to our external dashboards and API.

Please login to access these dashboards, or contact us for more information.