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Spatial Microsimulation paper in Population, Space and Place (2023). Our recent work to use spatial microsimulation techniques to estimate health parameters in the state of Idaho is now accessible in the journal, Population, Space and Place. MORE

University of Idaho Led Project Receives $6M to Study Rural Perceptions of Climate Change. A U of I led project (Co-PI Seamon) will receive $6M in funding from NSF to investigate how people in rural communities perceive the extent of climate change. The award is multi-institutional, including the University of Idaho, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Nevada. MORE

Vandal Theory Podcast on Idaho Health Modeling. Meet Helen Brown (bit.ly/3LVBSx7 ), a clinical associate professor in the Department of Movement Sciences (bit.ly/3TRb6YS) at University of Idaho, and Erich Seamon (bit.ly/3FQOt0z), a research scientist in the Institute for Modeling Collaboration and Innovation (bit.ly/3JPAg5n). They’ve teamed up to track and publish data about health trends in Idaho. Before their project, this information was only available at a public health district level spanning several counties. But modeling work by these researchers is allowing Idahoans dig deeper into the health of their communities, by providing that data on a county-by-county basis. It turns out, when you zoom in, the story becomes much more nuanced. MORE